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Working with Balazs has truly transformed the way I approach my online business, leadership, and life as a whole. There’s a reason he calls it The Diamond Life, and it’s beyond worth it to find out what that is.
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Game-Changing Ideas And Practical Steps for Unlocking a Life of
True Freedom

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I’ve got stories for you. Great conversations with epic entrepreneurs. Practical tips from my own experience of how to build your dream life your way. Take a look behind the curtain and see how it all happens right here in the Diamond Life Mentor Podcast.


A Global Prosperity Movement
has been my dream since 2013…

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Are you ready to put your doubts aside and join me?

The voice in your head tells you

“I’m only not living my dream life because my business isn’t there yet.
When I have MORE, (more money, time, support, stability, experience) then I WILL.”

I remember that voice. Guess what? It’s B.S.

There is nothing more you need to do or have RIGHT NOW
to start making the shifts, changes, and CHOICES that will bring you the Freedom-Filled Diamond Life YOU DESERVE.

I can tell you, not only from my own life experience, but from years of helping thousands of people build online businesses centered around their dream life, that all you have to do is decide that
this is your moment.

That you’re ready to kick the fears and self-limiting beliefs to the curb.

That you are done putting off your future
happiness, and are ready for it NOW.

Because five years down the road, when so much time has passed you and your family by, you’ll wonder, ‘why the hell didn’t I prioritize my life sooner?’






Our Signature High Ticket Offer

The Diamond Life Business Model

Ready to Build A High-Profit Low-Hustle Online Business?

With top-tier entrepreneur mentorship and incredible community support,
the Diamond Life Business Model will help you build automated online business that has:

Life Changing


Step By Step

Proven Leveraged

Earn up to
$5000 per sale

And gives you the time freedom to build your dream life.

Mentorship Access for the
Diamond Life Model

For those new to the
Diamond Life Business Model

Accelerator Mentorship

Ready to Optimize Your Business
and Your Life?

Accelerate your success with the Diamond Life Business Model with:


Next-level accountability

Supportive Community

We’re ready to meet you where you are, and help get you to where you want to be. 

FOR THOSE hitting $10,000+/month
with the Diamond Life Business Model


Ready to Scale your business &
achieve time freedom

If you’re having $10,000+ months and are ready to make it sustainable, Balazs will teach you how to:

release control and
strategically outsource

uplevel your mindset to
match your income

utilize your wealth to buy
back your life

Build a sustainable, high-earning future you’re excited to live.

Millionaire Mentor.
Visionary Entrepreneur.
Industry Disruptor.

But most importantly? FAMILY MAN.

Hi, I’m Balazs.

Over the past decade, I have helped more than 2,000 people quit their jobs and find the freedom they’ve always wanted to live their very own Diamond Life.

The ripple of my Global Prosperity Movement is responsible for over $500 million in sales by entrepreneurs around the globe, with my team closing over 200,000 high-ticket product sales and earning over $350 million in commissions.

I pride myself on being a committed mentor, coach, visionary leader, and family man. My dream is to create massive waves of prosperity across the globe by helping people from all walks of life build the life of their dreams.

Your Dreams are not for
the future. They are for
building RIGHT NOW.

Hear from our global community of successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs.

“My husband and I are full time in our business, and travel full time in our RV thanks to the mentorship and guidance that we’ve received”

Kristen Braun

“I love Balazs' commitment to truly help others succeed in their business”

Samantha M Tyers

“Thank you to Balazs for his mentorship and his guidance - Because of this, my wife and I were both able to quit our jobs and pursue our business full time while traveling the world”

Adam Gateley

“After 1 year I was able to retire from my teaching job, and fully step into my dream life”

Maneka Helleberg

“I’m so unbelievably grateful for Balazs and how he has led the way to show myself and others what’s possible”

Kyliee X Stevenson

“The amount of education and support I’ve received working with Balazs is incredible. Anything you ask, he WILL tell you all he knows!”

Destinee Perata

“Because of Balazs' mentorship I was able to quit my job and go full time in my business after 6 months!”

Lisa Dodgson

“Balazs always makes sure his clients are taken care of and supported”

Erin Saliba

“I wouldn’t be where I am today in my business and life without Balazs' guidance and leadership”

Carly Eldred

“Before I can even ask a question, Balazs has answered it for me, and before I even come across a problem - He’s already solved it for me!”

Marina Soicher

“Balazs' program has helped me remember I don’t need to build my business like everyone else”

Paige Graham

“I’ve been doing personal development for over 2 years, and I’ve experienced the most growth since starting Balazs' mentorship 2 months ago”

Jaycee Davis

“3 Months of Balazs' mentorship, and I’m giving this testimonial from my dream paradise location!”

Ashley Demarco

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