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My senior year of high school, while working a minimum-wage night-shift job at a sawmill, I have an accident.

My job is to cut scrap wood with a 3-foot, high-speed blade. One fateful night, the blade is acting strange. What I don’t know is that the guy on the day shift forgot to switch out the old blade for a new one.

Instead of cutting, the dull blade
suddenly forces the wood upward, and
sensing danger, I reach to hit the red
emergency shut-off button.

Too late; my hand is savagely cut by the devastating,
high-speed teeth of the blade.

I fall to the floor, only to jump up, screaming from the searing pain, and sprinting in a circle until someone tackles me.

The top inch of my right index finger is gone. (Miraculously, the blade only grazed my thumb, cutting off only the nail).

The accident altered my destiny. I concluded, “No more fucking construction like my dad. I’m going to learn how to make a living with my mind.” 

This was the first necessary step in
my evolution.

The next step comes at a much higher cost.


My parents immigrated
from Hungary, seeking
a better life in Canada when
I was 6. They started with no money, no English, and two suitcases.

They got jobs as janitors. Eventually, their money troubles were so apparent to me that I gave them my piggy bank full of change, a child’s hope that it would end their arguing

They divorced when I was 11, it was ugly; they weaponized us kids in their mom vs dad battle. I saw my father even less and now my mom had to work 3 jobs.

Always working or exhausted, I got almost zero quality time with my dad – unless you count the times I’d curl up on his lap while he was asleep on the sofa.

When I was 21, I went to visit my dad
for his 54th birthday. I found him alone,
dead on the floor.

Before I called anyone, I just held him crying, trying
to extend the time.

The following few years are a blur, but I know they were
filled with a lot of sadness. I felt empty and without purpose.
My finger had been taken from me, and then my father.
It seemed like life was unfair and just happened TO me.

When I met my first mentor he gave me “The Secret”. This was the second necessary step in my evolution. Before watching it, I was a victim, just complaining about my life.

After The Secret, I began being grateful and living as if I was the Master of my Destiny. 

Quickly, I realized all things were always happening FOR me.

The third step in my evolution was far less painful than
the first two.

I got recruited to be a server in a restaurant. There was
a nightly competition to sell the most entrees, and being
highly competitive, I won the contest continuously. In my
mind, I wasn’t selling; I was merely being the best server. Tired of me winning, the general manager unfairly gave the
“win” to someone else just for a change-up.

I felt so wronged I got fired over it. (The 10th job I’d
been fired from in 8 years; evidence that I wasn’t meant
to have a boss).

My friend’s dad heard this story and said,
“Sounds like you’re awesome at sales.”

“No, I was NOT selling! Salespeople are sleazy,”
I said adamantly.

I explained myself, “I won by being the best at ‘serving.’”

“That’s the good kind of sales, the way good people sell,”
my friend’s dad replied. “You were selling by serving.”

His insight was the third step in my evolution and
transformed my entire opinion about sales.
And he was right; I was good at it.

I made a quarter-million dollars
annually in door-to-door sales before
realizing that I really desired time
freedom from leveraged success. 

I went looking for a better business model, thinking it might be
networking marketing. I passed through two companies, unimpressed
with the recruiting tactics and small profit margins, only to return
home to a direct sales company I’d failed to succeed in 5 years before.
My success exploded.

But I still had another evolutionary step to go,
one that would change everything.

One day, I’m invited to my millionaire mentor’s Super Bowl party at
his mansion in Los Angeles. Right away, I meet another millionaire,
a young guy in a t-shirt with his hat on backward, who is immediately likable.

“What do you do?” he asks me.

“Man, I got this water business.”

“How do you do your work?” he inquires.
“Do you run paid ads and automated evergreen funnels?”

“No, I do everything in person,” I answered proudly.

 “That’s cool,” he says with reservation. “Can I tell you something?”

“Sure,” I say, hoping he might praise me.

The millionaire looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Sounds like you’re working way too fucking hard man.”

The millionaire looks me dead in the eyes and says, “Sounds like you’re working way too fucking hard man.”

First time in my life, someone told me I was working too hard!

“I made 10 million dollars last year using funnels and ads,”
he says. “Imagine what you could do if you systemized & automated your business.”

His words became the fourth big step
in my evolution: Innovation.

I had the vision and a powerful untapped business model,
he was a genius with digital marketing. We partnered and created an automated, duplicatable system that brought
people into the business 24/7. It exploded the results for
new team members because of its plug-and-play, turn-key, business-in-a-box nature.

That was in 2016 and what we innovated forever changed the way people sell and serve in our company – beyond our teams
– we disrupted the way people approach our business. We flipped the model from recruiting to attracting. I’m proud of that.

But I’m even more proud of something else: I’m celebrating
10 years with my company, and I’m beyond grateful to have directly impacted 100,000+ lives from 100+ countries, and we’ve crossed $500+ million in sales helping thousands of families to live free.

Today, I’m on a mission
to help a million
people in the next
10 years evolve into
their best selves and live The Diamond

My success has been a long challenging journey, and I have my missing finger to remind me that it hasn’t all been easy. But the same missing finger also reminds me of a greater truth (and words that hang in my man cave):

“If you can’t change the cards you’re dealt, change how you play your hand.”

Balazs W Kardos has directly helped more than 2,000 people quit their jobs and find the freedom they’ve always wanted
to live their very own
Diamond Life.

The ripple of his Global Prosperity Movement is responsible for over $500 million in sales by entrepreneurs around the globe, with his own team closing over 200,000 high-ticket product sales and earning over $350 million
in commissions.

Balazs is a committed mentor, coach, visionary leader, and family man. He hopes to create massive waves of prosperity across the globe by helping people from all walks of life build the life of their dreams.


There are so many “successful” and “wealthy” CEOs, doctors, entrepreneurs who claim their purpose is their family. But the fact is: They are not around.

The price of their wealth is 80 hours/week of constant doing, working, performing.

We look up to these people for their “success”, but they are not free. When can they take advantage of that wealth? To enjoy their family? To actually live the purpose they set out to live?

Putting in 80 hour weeks to achieve wealth means
you’re sacrificing something else.

Compromising in the parts of your life that, most
likely, mean the most to you.

To me, Real Wealth is Time Freedom

To be able to spend your life with WHO you want, doing WHAT you want, WHERE you want to do it.

For me, that’s the FREEDOM to spend time with my FAMILY and make an Impact by paying it FORWARD. 

My Diamond Life Motto is

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