Opening up a business is not as simple as buying and selling. For merchants who venture on big businesses, steps and strategies are to be followed strictly to gain market revenue in this cutthroat industry. Do you want your business to stand out from your competitors? Start developing an online marketing strategy with the top social networks strategist in the area.

planning a marketing strategy

What is social networking? There are thousands of social media applications that you could download in the app store today for entertainment purposes. Some require payments, while most of them are for free. But did you know that these apps can also be used for business purposes?

Social media marketing is a process of promoting products, services and brands online. With the use of top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram to name a few, you can promote your brand with ease. More people are getting to know about it because many big companies are hiring professional marketers who have skills on how to do this. It all kicks off with an internet presence that includes an optimized logo design, website construction, designing business cards, writing good content and sharing it on various platforms. This strategy will directly affect search results ranking . That’s why you need to learn more about this!

Are you ready for the list of popular social media sites with huge audience numbers?

To name some, the Top 6 Social Media Sites are:

Facebook. With over 2.74 billion of its active users, there is no doubt that once you can figure out the niche that is best suited for your business, then you are on your way to progress.

Twitter. Though Twitter has strict policies, it is no doubt one of the best sites to post products. With the use of tags, or what we now call “hashtags”, we simply tags different types of topics and products related to our business.

Instagram. Instagram is best known for its variety in terms of photos and video contents, with the bloom of “verticals” – videos posted in vertical mode to fit mobile phone screen, Instagram is one of the social networks that can target younger audience for business with niches appropriate for that category.

LinkedIn. A popular site for professionals, LinkedIn has garnered more audience in the past years, making them rank number four in our list. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your products and or services toa more mature audience, which means your targeted audience may possibly afford what your brand is offering – higher chance for return of investments.

Pinterest. 442 million active users, Pinterest is the go-to apps for people who want to discover new things. The app is designed for displaying positive insights and inspiration. For self-care and wellness products and services, starting a business account on Pinterest may be the next big thing for you.

Snapchat. One can use Snapchat to deliver product/service photos on a more personal level. Since it is an image messaging platform, it is advised for business users to get connected to possible clients and send them offers in a direct manner.

Reasons Why We Need to Set Up Social Network Accounts

  1. Set brand awareness
  2. Introduce your brand to the public (media)
  3. Create relevant business and social networks
  4. Boost website traffic
  5. Generate organic leads
  6. Increase return of investments (ROI)
  7. Promote your brand through contents
  8. Higher chance to go Viral and introduce your business to a larger scope of audience
  9. Reaches potential clients and customers related to your branding type
  10. The best part why you need to start setting up a social network account is that most popular network sites are for free

And while social networks are free of charge, it may not necessarily mean that your business could start its way to progress, we must keep in mind that thorough research, brainstorming, and studies are vital in getting to know your brand more and to start gaining organic feedback. But if you have the slightest ideas of how to handle social network branding, you can hire a qualified expert in your area.