Kick-off this journey by talking about hard work. It’s about committing to the hours, effort, and energy needed to achieve financial goals.

Earning $1 million in just 90 days might seem like a far-off dream. But for those who know the power of hard work, dedication, consistency, and commitment, this dream is more than wishful thinking. 

It can be a reality.

In another Diamond Life Uncut session of the Global Prosperity Movement Live and Mentorship Program, Balazs W Kardos talks about being an example that earning this much is possible.

And that is because he did not just sit on the couch, watch Netflix, or settle for anything less. He hustled to 10x his income year after year, and this time, he did it in only 90 days! Amazing, right? 

Is it unbelievable? No!

Whether building a business, investing, or providing valuable services, Balazs’ foundation is simple — a strong work ethic. He’s living the Diamond Life because he does not forget his “why”; in the hustle, his ultimate goal is to give freedom and lifestyle to his family. 

And that is the driving force that keeps him taking action. That also made him the latest Enagic E-friends cover story, going from investing $4,000 to becoming a mentor and earning millions of dollars passively after ten years.

Lastly, Balazs is excited to share the potential of having 1,000 individuals under his mentorship become 6A-3 in the next decade as they focus on skill-building and forecasting.

“The game we’re playing is to constantly work on ourselves to become the best version of ourselves.” – Balazs W Kardos

Do not miss out on this episode to pursue financial freedom as a powerful choice because it’s not just about making money; it’s about working for the freedom to live on your terms.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • What makes Enagic a successful direct sales business?
  • Why is forecasting revenue crucial in achieving financial goals?
  • How can you have exponential growth in sales through collective effort?
  • Why focus on personal growth and transformation?
  • How can you prevent the risk of stagnation in business?
  • Why is believing in your business relevant to your sales?

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