Have you ever had a day when every sense in your body tells you that moment is perfect, and you spend it in solitude or with your loved ones?

Now think about this: isn’t it better to experience it again, not just on a vacation or special occasion, but every day? 

The good news is you can make it possible because designing your perfect every day is within your control.

But you’re breaking free from routines and habits that no longer align with your happiness and fulfillment.

In today’s episode, Balazs W Kardos wants to flip the pages back to the bright side of designing your perfect every day, just like that unforgettable moment he spent with his family during his daughter Valentina’s first soccer practice – parents and kids having fun, enjoying the golden sunset, and then going shopping to a luxury luggage store carefree and without limitations.

And it’s not only luxury that completes it, but Balazs designs his Diamond Life cherishing the time and shared experiences with loved ones, laughter that brightens up conversations, the warmth of hugs, and genuine connections.

“I’m working on my purpose, my mission, to inspire the world and help set people free. As a mentor, as a coach, I’m doing all these little things every single day in a very repetitive fashion, to keep my cup full and make sure that no important part of my life is being neglected and forgotten about.” – Balazs W Kardos

As part of his mission, he wants you to reflect on what connects with you and makes you happy using the Diamond Life design. Write down what truly matters to you and immerse yourself in this environment.

And that is the first step in making a dream day happen over and over again.

Tune into today’s episode to embrace the days of possibilities, joy, and passion that come with living a life designed with purpose and intention. 

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why design your perfect every day?
  • Why can most people not change their routines?
  • The secret to happiness is growth, contribution, and fulfillment.
  • How to design a perfect every day by making a list?
  • Why prioritize yourself first?
  • There will never be perfect timing, so now is the time.
  • How is contrasting a motivator and tool?

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