Do you know that even having a professional background in your chosen career or business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help from someone else?

Imagine being a nutritionist and owning a wellness clinic and a gym – it’s a whole health and fitness package, right? Everything was working successfully, but suddenly between 2009-2011, the business faced its biggest challenges. As an entrepreneur, you realized that despite the experience, you lacked something crucial – salesmanship and personal development. 

Face-to-face contact with clients does not guarantee you have the skills to close deals, nurture, and sustain them, especially if you’re not using the right technology, are inconsistent, and are not visualizing your goals every single day.

Balazs W Kardos shares Carlos Gonzales’ journey in today’s Diamond Life Mentor Uncut Success Interview when he discovered Enagic through someone who became his mentor by telling his transformation and the power of water behind it. 

Without this person approaching him, sharing his story and how the business works, he would not have believed what success it brings by just buying this special water for the gym. 

Ultimately, clarity brought him closer to learning more about the high-ticket business. 

When Carlos outgrew his first mentor, he needed to reset and did a 7-year sabbatical to realign his vision. That’s when he joined the convention and discovered the Diamond Life Mentorship Program in October 2020. Carlos learned more about showing up consistently, personal development, started daily routines for his morning and night rituals, practiced visualization and gratitude, and became a better leader for his community. Now, he hits his $20k weekly income goals, ranks 6A2-3, and aims to earn $83k-100k monthly by the end of 2024.

“You possess the most valuable skill – being coachable and putting your ego aside. Many young people lack this skill. And then a coach and a mentor’s goal, even in myself in my business, and my coaching business, is I want people to outshine the master. You did it before, and that is the biggest compliment for me.” – Balazs W Kardos

Don’t miss this episode to discover how having a mentor’s support, sharing your story, personal growth, powerful practices, and taking bold steps can help scale your business.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why should you invest in a mentorship program?
  • How do you practice daily morning or evening routines effectively?
  • Why take a sabbatical to focus on business?
  • Why is personal development crucial for success?
  • What was Carlos Gonzales’ secret to hitting a $20k weekly income goal that outgrew his mentor?

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