Many people dream about being their boss, working on their business instead of working for someone and getting stuck in the 9-5. 

It is because even though entrepreneurship has risks, the ultimate ROI is the freedom to do what you love. This flexibility translates into a better work-life balance so you can be actively present for your family. 

Imagine being a beach lover, having a yoga studio, teaching yoga and paddleboarding for 18 years in the Hamptons. Sounds even better? But dealing with the rich and earning up to 250k annually, charging $300 per hour can also lead to burnout.

So, where to now?

Balazs W Kardos shares another success story in this Diamond Life Mentor Uncut with Jess Bellofatto. She’s a mom of three and has been an entrepreneur her entire life, as she values time with the family, health and fitness, and traveling. 

Exhausted from running an active lifestyle business, Jess wanted something more with the same freedom to travel and deal with people. So she invested thousands of dollars in various coaches and plant medicine products for four and a half years, but it did not cut it either. 

Discovering Enagic and joining the Diamond Life Mentorship Program changed everything. After a year of consistently showing up and eliminating her limiting beliefs, she went from earning 8k to 13k months to bringing in over 45k sales in just two days! She hit the 6A rank and reached the 32k month with bonuses in a short amount of time! 

That is when she realized that mentorship wasn’t about putting the training modules to work – it is transmitting the inspiration into reality by surrounding yourself with people sharing the same mindset towards personal development.

“How can we ever attract something that we put so much negative emotion against? If you hate wealthy people, you subconsciously block yourself from being wealthy.” – Balazs W Kardos

Catch this episode to learn how abundance mindset and mentorship work for your personal and business development to take to another level.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How can you become a top 1% earner online using affiliate marketing?
  • How do limiting beliefs and not celebrating others prevent you from success subconsciously?
  • What can a wealth mindset shift do for your personal growth?
  • Why transition from low-ticket to high-ticket business clients?
  • How can hiring a mentor help hit sales targets?

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