What are the things that excite you, and drive you forward?

Where do you enjoy yourself, earn a living, connect with incredible people, and have extraordinary experiences while experiencing personal and business growth?

Discovering and gaining that clarity will lead you to opportunities that align with your values that will make a difference to yourself and others.

Take Balazs W Kardos as an example. 

He found his calling in traveling and making an impact. As he embraces his vision and continues to grow, he makes the dream possible by finding a support network, nurturing connections, and coming from a place of service, love, and gratitude.

In today’s episode, Balazs celebrates his 10th anniversary in the business – getting paid to travel, while speaking at events to change people’s lives. 

He shows us a sneak peek of the Mastermind sessions in Bali, Indonesia, and Auckland, New Zealand, with Clint X Morgan and the people behind The Good Life Festival.

With 150 attendees ready to change the world, Balazs shows you how to do the same by investing and putting yourself where there is proximity to people who have what you desire, and inspires you to start a unique and influential business.

“I believe that we need to put ourselves in these environments and situations where we raise our vibration, which is why I feel it is one of the keys to growth, and creating more abundance and wealth.” – Balazs W Kardos

Tune into today’s episode to walk you through what it takes to be in The Diamond Life community, where travel and impact go hand in hand.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How is getting paid to travel while making an impact possible?
  • Can flying business class make you more money?
  • We create success once we believe we can.
  • Proximity is power.
  • Is living a luxury a scam?
  • Why is finding a support network crucial in any business?

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