What’s keeping you so loyal to a life that is keeping you so stuck? Are you ready to shift the way you generate income? Balazs is in your corner, asking you to reverse-engineer your dreams. What does your ideal day look like? How can you spend your day fishing (awesome parable inside)?

Actionable answers lie in store for you in this motivational missive from Balazs as he shares The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant and Income Matrix as two tools you can harness for effecting positive change in your life today.

Are you stuck on a golden hamster wheel and wanting to get off? Where did your career choices come from? What if that time in the future (that ideal day) never comes? Balazs is challenging us to answer these questions, and then consider a better future.

The blueprints for that are the sublimely brilliant ‘The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant’ and Income Matrix — exquisitely explained by Balazs. As a kicker, Balazs is sharing people’s deathbed regrets, which will surely inspire you to go and get that Diamond Life!

“When we think about happiness, how many of us are delaying our happiness for something in the future that, once we get there, once we achieve this, once we accomplish that, then I will be happy?”  ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– The Story of the Fisherman and the Businessman — reflecting on your life

– The cadence and rhythm with which we are ‘supposed’ to go about life

– What if that time in the future never comes?

– Where did your career choices come from? Was it your parents?

– What does your perfect day look like?

– Understanding The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant

– Are you just trading your time for money — and is there more for you?

– Having the courage to go on your own and become self-employed

– Upgrade the Hamster Wheel — or ditch it altogether?

– How to get to the right-hand side of the quadrant — starting part-time

– Having a ‘How Can I?’ attitude and belief

– Understanding our three-dimensional reality – how time and space affect our income potential

– Getting to a ‘mobile active’ or ‘semi-passive’ space on the Income Matrix

– Learning from those who are at the end of their lives

– The Top 5 regrets people have on their death beds

– Are you choosing the best path to live your life to the fullest?

And more!

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