Remember those times when you’ve been planning a trip for a month – what to wear, where to go, which hotels to book, b-roll to record, how to go with your presentation, and your family to take with you?

Yes, you’re not a first-time traveler, and you’ve always had your family with you, but nothing is perfect. There will always be travel mishaps, the least you expect them. 

Imagine this happening as you attend Enagic’s global convention as a top leader and a final speaker. That’s a whole lot of level of pressure!

In this episode, Balazs W Kardos becomes vulnerable as he reflects on his travel to Okinawa, Japan, returning from his three-week trip from Enagic’s 50th anniversary with the family. 

Unfortunately, even if he had planned everything pre and post-convention, in Tokyo, Okinawa, and Hawaii, life threw curveballs in the form of getting lost, missing Kangen equipment parts, his daughter’s medical emergency, and last-minute changes to his speech as he was about to go on stage.

But he made it through. For a moment, he felt overwhelmed and frustrated. All that preparation seems wasted. But then he took a deep breath and decided to face these challenges with gratitude and love, he appreciated the privileges of getting medical care available for his daughter. He also had the extra time to spend caring for his wife. Even though it’s not what he planned, he found moments of joy in comforting and being with his family. 

And, at the end of his speech, Enagic’s Hironari Ohshiro hugged him on stage and gave him the reassurance he needed that he did his best and impacted all of the 8,000 attendees sharing the company’s success with him.

“That’s happened to me along my journey as well. But this was just like a fucking atomic bomb of that feeling. The feeling is the same. The magnitude of the event can continue to grow and climb.” – Balazs W Kardos

Listen to this episode to gain valuable insights and specific strategies on traveling, but also dealing with problems with love and gratitude to grow both as an entrepreneur and as a person so you can apply these lessons to your life and business.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How can gratitude and problem-solving fix travel mishaps with the family?
  • How do leadership dynamics and emotional changes occur in a high-ticket business?
  • What are the challenges involved in public speaking as a successful entrepreneur?
  • How did Balazs enjoy his 3-week holiday despite the unexpected situations?
  • How can you face anxiety in public speaking through connection and love?

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