Do you love location freedom? Do you want an uncapped earning potential in terms of the value you provide to other people while being able to come and go as you please? Growth, health, wealth, and living life on your own terms — designing the life of your dreams — is possible, and Balazs is here to show us how.

How can we move into the upper right-hand quadrant of The Diamond Life Cashflow Quadrant (please check out the previous episode #7)?

Being great at something isn’t necessarily the best choice for you in terms of a business model. Perhaps you’ve wasted years in a career that hasn’t given you the time freedom you deserve. Well, it’s time to change that.

The Diamond Life Business Model is here to support you as you make that shift to express your authentic self more fully. Stop working the 9 to 5, embrace the challenge of learning new skills, be prepared to put in hard work at the beginning, unpack some of the stigmas you might have around network marketing, let go of your fears around your own capabilities — and let’s go!

“If I did nothing — if I literally stopped working, if I turned off my podcast, if I deleted all my social media, if I literally just didn’t work — that money would keep coming in. And here’s why: because residual impact leads to residual income.” ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Would you rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts — or 100% of your own?

– Are you okay with learning new information to match your new business aspirations?

– How to understand averages — and then leverage other people’s time and efforts

– The value of selling higher ticket items to hit your income goals

– Understanding marketing software and automated systems that do the heavy lifting for you

– What is your willingness to do the work, learn something new, and embrace a turnkey business?

– Why residual impact leads to residual income

– What are the pros and cons of network marketing?

– How can you get to the right-hand side of the Cashflow Quadrant?

– What is your next step to join The Diamond Life Mentor program or learn more? — DM ‘FREEDOM’

And more!

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