Are you ready to escape the matrix and start living the Diamond Life? Balazs W Kardos (‘Balazs’) has spent over a decade in sales and marketing and has made the successful shift to a successful business mentor and life coach. He’s your enigmatic, charismatic, and even pragmatic host of The Diamond Life Mentor.

The Diamond Life is about following your unique dream and achieving a balance between work, family, and spiritual growth that will set you apart from the other people out there that are only ticking one of those boxes. Are you time rich – or do you need a new plan?

What’s evident from listening to Balazs’s story is how brightly his authenticity shines through. His story is relatable, his intention is highly commendable, and his passion for personal change is infectious.

The Diamond Life is also about how we turn crisis into opportunity and how we stick to a life path that is continuously on an upward trajectory. Balazs has done it all himself over the years – his sharp business acumen speaks volumes to his success.

And he’s still doing it. Which is why it’s worth joining him on this journey as he pays it forward. Drastic, immeasurable growth is promised if you do. Living The Diamond Life and receiving the master keys to freedom await you. Please join us.

“I developed this desire within, that I have now named The Diamond Life, which is this balance of having it all in your particular way which is unique to you.” ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Balazs’s origin story — growing up with an ‘escape energy’ 

– Questioning fake coaches who aren’t the complete package

– Impacting lives and paying it forward — appreciating Balazs’s ideology

– How curious are you about the people you admire?

– Losing the tip of his index finger — how that shifted Balazs’s evolutionary process

– How many of us live with a fear that is never realized?

– How Balazs scaled up his sales business — and then found that it wasn’t sustainable

– What does it mean to be ‘time rich’?

– Creating paradigm shifts in the way you look at earning money

– Having a sense of urgency to take action NOW

– Balazs humbly expresses why he’s worthy to inspire you to play big

and more!

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