In life and business, getting things right often means keeping a close eye on what you’re doing. It’s like having a personal guide to show you the way. 

And the thing is, results do not always indicate growth because it’s a numbers game – you’ll know if you’re doing something right once you see the data around your routines. 

For your health, it means keeping track of things like how much you walk, what you eat, and how well you sleep; in business, understanding the numbers behind sales, leads, and cost per lead is crucial.

In this episode, Balazs W Kardos wants you to determine your ratio of success by tracking and measuring your goals and paying attention to business and health goals as he celebrates the Diamond Life Mentor Podcast’s 50th episode milestone. 

He wants you to ensure that regardless of making sales, you should understand your base amount to spend in business to remain profitable. The key is to put an arbitrary amount for each lead, know how many leads you get and the sales they generate, and how those same leads continue to buy your products and services over time. 

But you cannot be productive in sales if you are not healthy enough to operate the business. That is why, aside from staying on track with sales and leads, Balazs shares his secrets to preventing a plateau in fitness by meal planning, eating a balanced diet, checking his macros, sleep levels, and his goals around them. 

Lastly, use apps or tools that simplify the process and remind you to get moving. And from there, you’re one step closer to your growth because of commitment and daily dedication.

“Track your progress to achieve your goal, whether it’s body weight, body fat, income, or any metric. Use this data to teach others and succeed in your work.”- Balazs W Kardos

Listen to this episode to simplify success and optimize your life by tracking your habits, health, and business metrics.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why is tracking and measuring habits a must for personal and business growth?
  • How is your physical health and energy relevant to your business improvement?
  • Why should you start meal planning for your fitness goals?
  • What tools can you use to optimize your habit-tracking?
  • How can you maintain a healthy personal and business life to achieve the Diamond Life?

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