Whether you’re a health enthusiast, traveler, solopreneur, or parent, you encounter seasons in life that bring change, challenge, and growth.

At the start, there’s the excitement of a new idea, following your hard work, getting the results, and a time to reflect and plan for the future. 

But nothing stays the same. Circumstances shift your priorities and goals and allow you to reconsider your choices. 

In this episode, Balazs W Kardos reminisces about the seasons in his life and the choices and sacrifices he made in the past to build The Diamond Life for his family, mentees, and himself. Today, as he celebrates his daughter’s third birthday in Disney World, he is grateful that he will not be obligated to work, ask for a vacation, wait for the holidays, or have budget limitations to give Valentina her dream of living like a Disney princess. 

And that is because he put his family first. They inspired him to build a legacy that continues to endure until now. 

So, Balazs reminds you to keep one thing at the forefront of your mind as you listen to this episode: it is your choices today that profoundly impact your tomorrow. To thrive as a parent and entrepreneur, take a moment to breathe, appreciate the stage you’re in, and set intentional goals.

“The choices that I made ten and a half years ago are what led me to be able to make the choices that I can make today.” – Balazs W Kardos

Don’t miss out on this episode to find meaning in every moment and move through the seasons of your life.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • What is meant by the seasons of life?
  • How does the season of life change as a parent and entrepreneur?
  • How do your current choices impact your future?
  • Why is it crucial to live in the moment?
  • How can you be intentional when fulfilling your goals?

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