‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ This is just one of the pearls of wisdom offered up by Sir Darren Jacklin to our Diamond Life mentor host, Balazs W Kardos, on this second and sublimely inspirational episode. Are you ready to receive the Master Keys to Freedom?

What makes this conversation even more powerful and poignant is that Darren IS Balazs’s teacher, having mentored him for many years through life’s ups and downs. Darren is a knighted philanthropist, investor, speaker, and all-around great guy who’s graciously joined Balazs from the jump on his podcasting journey. Together, they deliver a message on the power of manifestation and the triumph of fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Where are you making requests in your life and asking the universe to provide for you? As Darren so eloquently emphasizes, if you change your ask, you will change your results.

Take a deep dive with two consummate ‘mega manifesters’ and learn that success is something you attract into your life by the person you become. We are all connected through a network of conversations, as Darren again wisely points out, and this is one connection and conversation you are not going to want to miss!

“When I meet with people, I say ‘Listen, I’m giving you an opportunity here right now to give you a seat at the table. You have an opportunity to level up and skill up your life.” ~ Sir Darren Jacklin

In This Episode:

– Darren’s down-and-out backstory of attempted suicide

– “Meeting” Dale Carnegie and the beginning of Darren’s upward trajectory

– Darren gets a waitress to sing for him at his table

– ‘The Secret’ and how it relates to our understanding of the power of manifestation

– The ‘Integrity Test’ and how your word creates your world

– Darren’s ‘beggar story’ — shifting the paradigm of how you can earn money

– Where are you not making requests in your life?

– Appreciating the Ripple Impact your life can have on others

– The value in believing in yourself and taking action 

– How Darren deals with adversity

– Balazs’s reflections on how Darren has shaped his life for the better

– Darren’s new book, Until I Become

And more!

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