As a content creator, prioritizing well-being is as important as providing value to the audience.

After all, what good is valuable content if it comes at the cost of your health?

After doing non-stop speaking events, Balazs W Kardos realizes it is time to listen to his body and pause to get better, but it does not stop there. He will continue to give value and produce content weekly without straining his voice and overall health.  

In today’s episode, he takes us back to one of his weekly GPM calls three years ago, where he talks about reasons people need to make more money. He remembers when Margaret was still pregnant and about to go into ultrasound, and to be able to join her, it cost an extra $380. 

That made him realize that if they did not have that extra money, they would not be able to share the experience, which could have been a little heartbreaking.

So money is not the root of all evil or selfishness, but getting stuck struggling to succeed is. As Balazs earns more, he can provide for himself and his loved ones and improve their quality of life. At the same time, there is an opportunity to help others. 

He is proof that it is possible, as he comes from both sides of the spectrum, starting small to living the Diamond Life as an online business owner and mentor through years of hard work and passion in defining his why and reaching his goals.

“Regardless of what your beliefs are, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, your religious beliefs are, your political beliefs are, any of the beliefs that you have, I wish to pass on to you this belief that you are worthy, you are enough, you can create however much financial abundance you require to take care of you, but also to have much more to give, to contribute, to be able to make a difference make an impact with as well.” – Balazs W Kardos

Tune into today’s episode to learn why having an abundance mindset changes your perspective about earning and how it affects your future.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • Why have an abundance mindset?
  • Making money is not selfish.
  • Why does the money come after mastery?
  • Make more money to help yourself and others.
  • What money can solve is not a problem.

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