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Become a Contrarian to Break Free

Do the people that are criticizing you have the life you want? Would you rather trade your life for a  friend who’s stuck in a dead-end job, or for someone like Balazs who has time freedom, is accruing generational wealth, and creating a legacy impact as he inspires others to follow their own dreams and build their own dreams.

Balazs W Kardos is back with his heavy-hitting thoughts on what it means to be a contrarian in today’s society. Question everything – from the ingredients in the baby food we are looking to feed our kids with, through to the financial models that will have us enslaved in a 9 to 5.

We are swimming in debt for the wrong things, confused by our relationship with money due to a mindset that was (perhaps) instilled in us by our parents who were frankly living in a different time. We can change our relationship with money, we can break out of the mould of what we’ve grown comfortable with. And when everyone else says spend, invest instead. Invest in yourself.  That’s the Diamond Life approach.

“Whatever the masses are doing, do the opposite.”  ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Is it all about the money? Shifting the perspective our parents gave us

– Hiring an expert in an industry you are not familiar with

– Understanding what it means to be a contrarian thinker

– ‘Suffering in comfort’ – being saddled with debt for luxury goods

– Why we find excuses not to commit to investing in MLM

– How we can change our goals to suit our dreams

– Who are you listening to in your life today?

– What is your next step to join The Diamond Life Mentor program or learn more? — DM ‘FREEDOM

And more!

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DL Mentor Uncut: Success Mindset For Beginners

Do you feel that your win isn’t good enough? Whatever your win is, when you do something that you previously haven’t done, when you push through your discomfort, that’s a massive win. You should feel proud of yourself.

There’s a delusion period that often happens when we pivot to working for ourselves. Ask yourself: what exactly are you wanting to build? Are you wanting to build your forever dream home (figuratively speaking), but you’re stuck in the basement suite without much natural light?

If you want to rise up and move into that big home, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices and put in the grind in order to achieve that dream.

Put aside your fixation on keeping up with those sports match results and learn to level up with your own personal development. That’s the only score that matters now.

Balazs is giving us the real talk today, telling it as it is if we are wanting to live our Diamond Life. When you distill it down to that aha moment when you knew that you needed to make a change, and then look at the disconnect between that and what you’re doing now, and put aside any blame, you’ll see that there is work to be done.

Stop following celebrities and start following the people you want to build relationships with. Opportunities will arise as you build relationships. This is the Success Mindset For Beginners. Let’s go!

 “If you’re always chasing the next new thing that just came out and trying to add it into your business as some kind of hack, you’re always going to feel overwhelmed, you’re always going to feel behind. But principles, they don’t change.” ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Living in a state where ‘maxed out’ is normal – how do we change that?

– Understanding why leisure has to be the first thing to go when you set out to achieve

– The importance of having accountability partners in your life

– What gave you the ‘spark’ to want to make a change?

– Generating leads through organic social media and outreach campaigns

– How to have a lead generation conversation each and every day

– Learning to have a thick skin when people ghost you – just do it!

– Taking ACTION through a temporary season

– The only thing that kills a great idea is your better idea 

– Measure your own results by the actions you can take that moves the needle forward

– Why a season of sacrifice is double the work

– Why you need to have conversations with people

– Investing in yourself (read the book you need to read)

– Waking up inside the dream: you’ve arrived!

And more!

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