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Ali Bryan

I keep reminding myself to “go back to basics” and I make sure every few months, when life things pop up or change and I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m going back to review where I’m spending my time, my priorities for this stage in my business, and the front end skills (talking to people and really listening to them) that I always enjoy working on.

I’ve been able to not only have a few team members join me, but I have so many wonderful new connections, and they keep rolling in! I’m truly in this to be of service to people and just show them the potential, meet them where they’re at, and be honest and direct about what I do, what it means, and how it’s been benefitting my life so much!

I actually accredit a lot of this recent consistency to something Balazs said to me on a call, he brought up time horizons and how it will take at least the same amount of time you’ve been putting half your energy into to start seeing results, and that really hit me, so I’ve put in the work now to “make back” that time I wasn’t really doing the things I needed to, and here we are, about to hit 0 and move into the positive with time focused on my business!