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bridget brandstad

Joining the Diamond Life Blueprint was something I knew I had to do to advance my business.

I wanted to learn from the best, so I could have guidance in building my business the right way from the start and I also wanted to avoid making the same mistakes people have already made.

I knew that choosing Balazs as a mentor was how to accomplish those things.

Balazs is someone who is not only extremely successful in what he’s doing, as a mentor he has such an effective way of communicating, he’s a great listener and our calls with him are beyond priceless.

I had no idea how much this one business decision would effect every other aspect of my life. The Blueprint has helped make me take a much closer look at myself – my vision, values, habits, mindset, finances, how I present myself to the world and how important the connections are that I make. 

I’ve made self care and daily exercise a priority with no excuses.My confidence has increased and alongside that, my business has continued to skyrocket. I’m making better, more clear business decisions and I’m learning to own becoming the leader I want to be for my team. Choosing to join the Diamond Life Blueprint was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past year and I’m so thankful I did!