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Jenn Mazzamurro

Balazs’ mentorship haș been absolutely upleveling for my personal development and inside my Enagic business. When I affiliated I truly thought this business was going to be a breeze – but wrong! I quickly realized I needed help. Balazs has been through it all here, I always appreciated listening to his FB lives and all the ah-ha moments. When I found out he offered mentorship there was no time wasted – I NEEDED to be closer to that fire if I wanted real shifts to happen so I could resign from corporate. 

On my 1st mentorship call I was brought to tears (in a good way!) from the reflection of what I had to do to move forward. It was literally the most simple mindset shift too, I instantly shifted what Balazs mentioned, and days later a sale came through, and they continued coming. 

When I felt at a super low crossroad a few months later (bc #entrepreneurshipaintalwayseasy lol), Balazs coached me through it and with his simple response, it changed everything! Instant alignment, I felt amazingly authentic about the way I was showing up, and people were flocking to me and flooding my DMs. 

If I didn’t join Balazs’ mentorship, maybe these shifts would have happened, maybe? …but when? 3, 5, 8 years down the road? Who has time for that? I’m not here to struggle, I’m in this business to win!