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Millie Theusen 

Since joining The Diamond Life have since then ranked up, which is a massive accomplishment for myself and a huge dream of mine. The mentorship included in this program, especially the biweekly live calls with Balazs, has been absolutely pivotal to how I see my business and myself. It’s given me the extra push and dedication I needed and allowed me to see this business in a new light. 

The biweekly calls help amp me up and they have given me much more clarity about how I wish to run my business as well as tools to use on the journey. I’m still learning, still going back over the course and implementing all over again, and I can’t believe the value I’ve received from this mentorship program. 

I am currently doing a complete reboot of my business, seeing it with fresh eyes and changing the way in which I do things based on what I’ve learned so far, and I am excited to see where it’ll take me.