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Patricia Kilty

When I signed up for mentorship with Balazs in The Diamond Life Accelerator, I was a little nervous but then as soon as I jumped on that call, I knew it was the right place to be. 

Balazs makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friend, you ask him anything on the spot & he always knows what to say, when on the call there is a lot of ah ha moments, that makes you sit back & think omg, I never thought or seen it like that.. My life, my business, my mind has 10X since joining & the biweekly live calls with Balazs blows my mind every time, they are phenomenal… 

Balazs helped me see the leader & business, I am building with more clarity, as I was stuck for a long time now at 3A & I know I’m going all the way to the top with the help of Balazs & the diamond life accelerator, I’m so grateful for saying yes to the diamond life everything is much more brighter over here 💎 Thank you.