What do you say to a prospect to get them to see your MLM presentation? That’s a question that every network marketer has encountered at some point. Sadly, the stereotype of a networker who’s been ostracised by their friends and family is rooted in truth. Some networkers are so eager to make a profit that they employ cunning, even manipulative tactics to “trap” their unwilling family members into an MLM presentation.

That undermines everything that makes success meaningful.

If you’re new to the world of network marketing, or if you can’t seem to find anyone who’s willing to hear you out, there’s hope. Here are some ideas on what to say to a prospect to get them to open up to anything and everything that you have to say!

Bad Marketing Strategies: Ruining Networking for Everyone

If you’re being mentored by someone who discourages the use of destructive tactics, consider yourself lucky, because these counter-intuitive strategies are ubiquitous in the network and multi-level networking community. 

It’s one of the reasons why someone who might otherwise be motivated to change their life immediately pre-rejects a presentation offer from a known network marketer. Bad strategy is taking opportunities away — not only from hardworking networkers, but from prospects as well. If you’ve been stuck in a prospectless rut due to these faulty “strategies” and have reached the point where your reputation precedes you, it’s time to shake things up!

Let’s start by learning exactly what turns prospects off.

What Turns Prospects Off?

Sadly, a lot of people turn their prospects off before they even get to set up an appointment. Here are some of the reasons why: 

1. Not earning your prospects’ trust first. The truth is, you can’t help anyone who doesn’t trust you. You can’t earn someone’s trust if all you do is talk about yourself. The key is to listen way more than you talk, and to build meaningful connections with people. Everything that you need to tell them about yourself should be immediately available through your public social media profiles. You need to find out how you can help them, and more often than not, they will tell you exactly how. You just need to learn how to listen.

2. Overhyping the opportunity. Yes, it’s understandable that you’re excited about the business because it’s amazing. The problem is your prospects don’t know that. Anything you tell them will be treated with rightful suspicion, especially if it’s so obviously hyped up. The more you try to convince them, the more they will suspect that there’s something wrong. Your brand should speak for you.

3. Complicated explanations. While you might be tempted to explain the mechanics of the business model, resist the urge. Unless they’ve agreed to hear you out, you’ll be putting them through something that they didn’t sign up for, and that is rude. 

Use an elevator pitch whenever you talk about your business. Instead of trying to explain everything at once, cultivate an air of mystery. Pique their curiosity, and send them a link to your purposeful, well-designed website or social media profile. 

4. Overtly and repetitively disagreeing. While your prospect might have inaccurate preconceptions about the world, about business, maybe even about the opportunity at hand, the best way to quickly shut down any opportunities is by telling them that they’re wrong. According to this Psychology Today article written by behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D, “People filter out information they don’t agree with, but you can get past those filters by first agreeing with them.” Work with the things that you have in common, instead of trying to prove that they’re wrong and you’re right.

Some marketers get so blinded by their pursuit of success that they forget the goal — to provide solutions to people’s problems, and to provide people with an avenue to upgrade their lives. Empathy should be at the core of what you do. Never lose sight of the reasons why you started your business. 

What did your mentor say that convinced you? More importantly, how did they make you feel? Most likely, your sponsor listened to you, made you feel seen, addressed your concerns and helped you see your potential.

Make it a point to always do that for other people!

What Do You Say to a Prospect to Get Them to See Your MLM Presentation?

The question is, what do you say to a prospect to get them to see your MLM presentation? Here are some tips on what to say to your prospects to get an appointment. 

1. Use simple language. If you’re inviting someone to a presentation, you’re going to have to talk a little bit about what it is that you’re inviting them to. When explaining the basics of the business, don’t overdo it. Use similes, metaphors, and figures of speech if needed.

For example, you can talk about weight loss supplements like,

“I help people get to their goal weight by introducing them to an easy-to-follow workout regime and a community of like-minded people. I help people slide into a comfortable fitness routine instead of forcing themselves to want it, kicking and screaming.”


“I specialize in helping people transition from full-time office jobs into lucrative home-based businesses. I provide them with the training that they need and connect them with people who’ve found success in the space, kind of like providing people with training wheels so they could eventually drive off to the lifestyle that they want.”

2. Persuade psychologically. At this point, you should make sure that you have an accurate picture of your prospect’s needs and motivations. According to Weinschenk, “when people are sad or scared, [what] they will want is familiar. If they’re happy and comfortable, they’ll crave something new.” Your presentation is a gift — make sure it’s wrapped appropriately!

If someone has expressed discontent about their jobs, or anxiety or for their financial future, you can phrase your invitation this way: 

“I help people transition into a lucrative home-based business in a secure way, in a way that won’t disrupt their lives. Have you ever thought about being home based and self-employed?”

On the other hand, if your prospect has a positive outlook about their lives/jobs:

“I help people create exciting supplemental income streams. I focus on changing people’s lives, and getting them closer to the career/work set-up that they’ve been dreaming of. If I may ask… if money wasn’t an issue, what would your life be like?”

3. Change minds tactfully. According to a multi-year research done by Yale University, the best way to change people’s minds is to first make it seem like the other side’s argument is reasonable, and then highlight all of the problems with the argument. However, if someone is committed to misunderstanding you, or to proving you wrong, you might be better off giving them a heartfelt thanks and walking away. Don’t waste your time. 

4. Get them to say yes. The key is to immediately get them to agree with you, to say yes. Listen closely to what they’re saying and reiterate it to really make them feel like you get them.

Tips to Deliver a Presentation That Works

Tips to Deliver a Presentation That Works

Now that you have some ideas on how to revamp your presentation pitch, here are some tips on acing that presentation.

1. Set up an appointment. This can’t be reiterated enough. You have to make sure that your prospect signed up to be there. No one wants to, nor should be, roped into something they didn’t sign up for. It’s basic courtesy!

2. Keep it short. 20 – 30 minutes is a comfortable presentation length. Don’t flood them with too much information!

3. Customize the presentation. Every presentation should be designed for an individual. Say your prospect’s name, and address their main concerns. For example, if they’ve mentioned that their goal is to eventually quit their full-time job to spend more time with their kids, your presentation should be tailored to show them exactly how they can do that.

4. Give them hope. You’re here to help them with whatever they’re going through. If you’ve done your due diligence (AKA listening and empathising with your prospect,), you’d most likely have a clear idea as to what they need at the moment. Inspire and motivate them!


While these tips are tried-and-tested ways to invite people into presentations that work, this approach cold market recruiting steps, it’s not the path to ultimate freedom. If you feel like your home based business isn’t gaining traction, and you’re getting tired of constantly having to reach out to people who just aren’t ready for the host of opportunities that you have in store. Ever imagined a life where you don’t have to keep on inviting people, to keep on coming up with ways to reach out to individuals over and over? 

Imagine this: instead of having to send out messages to people on a daily basis, what if you received droves of messages and comments from motivated, excited leads who are more than ready to listen to what you have to say? 

If you’re ready to achieve freedom, stability, and prosperity, it’s time to step up your business and your life. Fill out the contact form — it will change your life!