Happy New Year! As we welcome 2024, how about changing the approach to New Year’s resolutions? 

Instead of big promises that often fizzle out, focus on making every day count. Track your daily progress and build something significant by the end of the year because no matter how small or big your goals are, it’s about being accountable and staying committed to your daily, weekly, and monthly efforts that matter.

Just like Balazs W Kardos entering his eighth cycle in Numerology this year, in this episode, he continues to align with these cosmic forces for personal development along with his continuous dedication to growth. 

Not only that, this year is also remarkable for his Diamond Life Mentorship Program and community as Enagic celebrates its 50th anniversary in Okinawa, Japan, in June. 

So this is a perfect time to recognize achievements in the coming months with his plans to create a trifecta of his GPM group, a marketing training system, a mobile app, and much more valuable content to expect in the Diamond Life Mentor podcast.

“To make 2024 the best year of your life, you should focus on your daily habits and discipline. Consider each day as a miniature version of your year, and make sure that your important goals reflect in your daily routine.” – Balazs W Kardos

Listen to this episode to start 2024 with intention, clarity, and a vision statement that will make it the best year ever.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How can you reverse engineer your goals into schedules?
  • Why track your daily progress?
  • How can you break down goals into smaller achievable targets?
  • What can you expect in Enagic’s 50th anniversary in Okinawa, Japan?
  • What makes an effective vision statement?

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