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Owning Your Vulnerabilities & Taking Imperfect Action

Why don’t more people unlock their freedom using their own unique master keys? Where do successful people hang out — and how do you get into that room? What have you created today? And what is holding you back from earning ten times more?

These are the questions of catharsis that Balazs is asking us as we renew our vigor and determination to live The Diamond Life.

Balazs is exposing his vulnerabilities today, sharing his struggles on life after the launch of his podcast. The Diamond Life Mentor has been a huge success worldwide thus far, but where does that leave our host after the initial expectation and excitement wears off?

Being authentic rather than fronting as to how awesome everything is, Balazs reminds us to take imperfect action and continue with our constant and neverending learning as we grow into the more attuned version of ourselves we know we can be.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome is not something Balazs is immune to, and by taking us through his thought process, he ends up sublimely inspiring us along the way. You are worthy. Keep striving for growth.

“We only have one life. Our life is short, and if we continue to do things that are stealing our joy, stealing our happiness, frustrating us, stressing us out… only you and I can make the changes.” ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Looking in the mirror and saying, “this isn’t working for me anymore”

– What is the highest priority for you to change as quickly as possible?

– On the other side of perfectionism is a fear of looking stupid

– What have you created today?

– Sharing our growth and what we’re going through instead of ‘fronting’ 

– Focusing on what you DO have and owning your offering 

– Why accountability is one of the most inspiring things we can share

– Acknowledging your own inner transformation and the journey you’ve embarked upon

– Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

– How Balazs worked his way up to higher levels of access at speaker events

– Where do successful people hang out?

– Unlocking the motivational part of yourself that’s always been there

– Why your worthiness is an important piece of solving your puzzle 

– The higher the ticket, the more access you receive, and the more time you collapse!

And more!

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Life After Freedom as The Rich Mystic Man With Clint X Morgan

What is life like after having attained financial freedom? What does that feel like — and where do you go from there? Today’s guest is the ‘Rich Mystic Man’, Clint X Morgan, and he’s journeyed from being a down-and-out broke new dad to wealth coach, musician, and family provider with his own set of master keys to freedom.

Our host Balazs W Kardos can take some credit as he was Clint’s mentor when Clint was just about to give up on entrepreneurship after ten years of struggle. How the two connected, inspired each other, and attained those keys to freedom is the stuff of legend that they dive into in this super-inspiring episode.

If you want to understand what Balazs does, and the power that mentorship and coaching has to effect positive change in one’s life, then be sure to pay attention to Clint’s story. You too can become the author of your own story. It starts with a curiosity to look at other people that are writing their own rules. Clint X Morgan is truly one of those people! Please join us.

“One of the most important things in mentorship and coaching that I really stand for, and I believe in, is the power of believing in someone else, and their potential, before they really believe in themselves fully. So you’re speaking belief into somebody, seeing them as the person they become.” ~ Balazs W Kardos

In This Episode:

– Having mentors that can breathe belief back into you.

– Being respected for doing things differently.

– Have I done my best with what I have right now?

– We are all powerful, all creative, all mighty beings.

– The human need for validation and feeling part of a tribe.

– Becoming the author of your own story.

– What is life like having attained freedom?

– Being curious about people that live life by a different set of rules.

– Clint becomes a rapper!

– Being able to support a brother going through cancer.

– Flying with a one-way ticket: what freedom looks like.

And more!

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