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Impact Testimonial

Jordan Cloherty

This is beyond incredible and as much work as I had put into it prior, there was definitely something extremely special about joining his program that gave me that extra spark that I needed to see different results in my business- the results that I truly desired. 

Balazs inspires me daily-there are days I listen to his calls a few times in a single day to really take in all the gems he offers in a single call and each time through, I learn something new. 

He inspires me to stay focused and dedicated to my vision, how to lead my team as a strong leader and most of all, how to go forward confidently and level up in ways I truly never saw possible for myself. He really inspires me to just go after it every single day and to keep my eye on the prize even when it can seem really challenging. His incredible perspective on life helps to shift my own thoughts around challenges and encourages me to see them as opportunities instead. 

Since I’ve joined his program, he takes the time to thoroughly answer my questions and I’m constantly, without fail, in awe of his incredibly detailed answers that totally change the game for myself and my business every single time. Working with him was a dream when I started my business 1.5 years ago and now, it has been a reality for 4 months and I’ve never looked back since. 

Balazs holds a vision that is so strong and so clear and he helps you to find and see that too within your own self and your own life. I am beyond excited for what’s to come as I continue my journey with the blueprint and level up not only my business in incredible ways, but my personal life as well. Thank you Balazs for all that you do! Diamond life forever baby!

Samara Rempel

Before I joined the blueprint program I was having success in my business but definitely thinking small. I had hit 40-50k months but truthfully figured that was as good as it was going to get for me. Plus I was really limiting myself as I was running the entire business on my own. 

When I joined the blueprint with Balazs, he immediately expanded my mind to what was possible with this business. I grew to 70, 80, and most recently a 90k month with his mentorship and support. He constantly speaks belief into us and he made me realize I was capable of so much more. I recently outsourced the majority of my business actions as well thanks to Balazs and I finally am experiencing true time freedom as my business continues to run whether I work or not.

Balazs has helped me to continually think bigger and better week after week. The sky is the limit now! Can’t wait to see where I’ll be a year from now.

Hayley Nixon

Officially hit a TOP leader rank in my business, and I am over the moon on this achievement + halfway into August and I am already at $18k! In achieving these accomplishments, I can definitely say that The Diamond Life mentorship has been a key factor in reaching these heights in my business! 

The optimization and outsourcing that I have implemented into my business since joining the program a couple of months ago has allowed me to put systems in place that continue scaling my business, but also allow me more time for the things that mean the most to me in my life! 

Very grateful for all of the Diamond Life nuggets that I have learned through Balazs’ mentorship & the fact that I have the tools to scale my business to $100k months now! 🔥

Samantha Budow

The best investment I made in the last year and a half was starting my business. The second best investment I made was mentorship with Balazs one year into biz. Balazs’ mentorship is invaluable and is no small part in what has gotten me to the first top rank in my company in just a year and a half (which is the exact goal I set for myself)! From our very first mentorship call, I knew my business was about to be optimized in a major way. What I didn’t know was that my life was going to be optimized, too

Working with Balazs has truly transformed the way I approach my business, leadership, and life as a whole. There’s a reason he calls it The Diamond Life, and it’s beyond worth it to find out what that is.

Marina Soicher

I just consolidated my financials thus far in 2021, and was frickin mind BLOWN. My goal for 2021 was to turn in my first 6-figure income year and when I set that goal this time last year it honestly made me uncomfortable…

Well now, 10 months into 2021, my income from this biz just broke the $200k mark LIKE WHAT?! Not only did I hit 6-figures, but I literally doubled what my goal was and there’s still 2.5 months left in 2021!?!? I didn’t even think this was possible and this time last year my organization was 1/4 the size it is today. Things have absolutely taken off in a year where I was pregnant the first 6 months, and then became a mama and fully transferred my energy to being completely present for my son.

I have achieved my dream of being able to provide for my family while being present, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The Diamond Life Blueprint has been a HUGE factor in this growth, as I started this program in May of last year and have since seen exponential take off thank you so much Balazs W Kardos and the Diamond Life team for all you’ve done to make this program what it is and for helping us clients scale our businesses and truly start living The Diamond Life I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings!!

Jaime Casco

Being in the Diamond Life Accelerator course has helped me so much within my business. I have learned how to prioritize my time better, and it has really helped me to focus in more on what I need to be doing on the day to day to move my business forward.  It’s boosted my confidence when it comes to running my business, and I feel so much more organized since starting this program.  Some of the tools provided within the modules have been life changing for me!

The calls are always filled with little golden nuggets and takeaways I can both implement immediately, and those I end up implementing down the road.  Seriously so glad I made the decision to join when I did, and I’m so appreciative of all the support and mentorship within this group!