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Impact Testimonial

Natacha Labonte

I was earning $9k in 3 months with my low-ticket MLM. Also had abusiness partner have her first sale and reached the first level of leadership in our company. It’s been amazing to see her go from fear and doubts to stepping into her power and her knowing that this was coming for her. She is welcoming 2 new business partners with trifecta this week! 

There is a lot of people in the financing process coming into my organization and this abundance feels amazing, especially after being on a plateau for a couple of months. I switched my niche, when through a transition, and now feel more aligned than ever!! 

And the results are showing that I am on the good path!! So grateful and blessed for this business!

Jasmin Valdez

I started Diamond Life just a couple months ago and have seen massive shifts in my business already!! I have doubled my sales in 2 months and on track to hitting my first 10k month SOON! The confidence I have grown and the mindset shifts I’ve experienced have been beyond helpful. I truly have no words for what this program has done for myself and my business, wouldn’t be here without the Balazs coaching.

Anabela Silva 

This is my second time going through the training of Diamond life and every time I find myself being able to find value on the teachings and how easy they are to apply in my day to day run of the business. My biggest take away has been learning that: if I am human I can do it, I am enough. I have also learned to optimise my team, that consistency and showing up will take me a long way. Every call, every module is ROI, I cannot thank enough for being a part of all of it.

Aron Ling

I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wouldn’t have been for the Diamond Life and the life changing content from the Coaching Calls.

I now show up with a completely different posture in my business and everything from content creation to speaking with leads is flowing smooth! Hit my biggest income in my business recently! Reached €7.3K in 8 days 🤯

This program is LIFE CHANGING!!!

Ali Bryan

I keep reminding myself to “go back to basics” and I make sure every few months, when life things pop up or change and I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’m going back to review where I’m spending my time, my priorities for this stage in my business, and the front end skills (talking to people and really listening to them) that I always enjoy working on.

I’ve been able to not only have a few team members join me, but I have so many wonderful new connections, and they keep rolling in! I’m truly in this to be of service to people and just show them the potential, meet them where they’re at, and be honest and direct about what I do, what it means, and how it’s been benefitting my life so much!

I actually accredit a lot of this recent consistency to something Balazs said to me on a call, he brought up time horizons and how it will take at least the same amount of time you’ve been putting half your energy into to start seeing results, and that really hit me, so I’ve put in the work now to “make back” that time I wasn’t really doing the things I needed to, and here we are, about to hit 0 and move into the positive with time focused on my business!

bridget brandstad

Joining the Diamond Life Blueprint was something I knew I had to do to advance my business.

I wanted to learn from the best, so I could have guidance in building my business the right way from the start and I also wanted to avoid making the same mistakes people have already made.

I knew that choosing Balazs as a mentor was how to accomplish those things.

Balazs is someone who is not only extremely successful in what he’s doing, as a mentor he has such an effective way of communicating, he’s a great listener and our calls with him are beyond priceless.

I had no idea how much this one business decision would effect every other aspect of my life. The Blueprint has helped make me take a much closer look at myself – my vision, values, habits, mindset, finances, how I present myself to the world and how important the connections are that I make. 

I’ve made self care and daily exercise a priority with no excuses.My confidence has increased and alongside that, my business has continued to skyrocket. I’m making better, more clear business decisions and I’m learning to own becoming the leader I want to be for my team. Choosing to join the Diamond Life Blueprint was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past year and I’m so thankful I did!