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Impact Testimonial

Jordyn Nolte

Since starting with this program in November, my conversations have gotten 1000x better, I’m disqualifying people immediately ( which has saved me a lot of time in conversations ). The $1 a day ad strategy has helped me huge with bringing more people to my IG, and getting random leads just from this in itself. Ive been able to show up with more confidence than I ever used to before.

Balazs’ has helped me so much with guidance, and how to be confident when sharing about the opportunity. (I used to struggle when showing up on social media, questioning myself if i was doing the right thing – and now i don’t question myself at all anymore because i know I am doing the right thing thanks to Balazs’ help!

Patricia Kilty

When I signed up for mentorship with Balazs in The Diamond Life Accelerator, I was a little nervous but then as soon as I jumped on that call, I knew it was the right place to be. 

Balazs makes you feel like you’re talking to your best friend, you ask him anything on the spot & he always knows what to say, when on the call there is a lot of ah ha moments, that makes you sit back & think omg, I never thought or seen it like that.. My life, my business, my mind has 10X since joining & the biweekly live calls with Balazs blows my mind every time, they are phenomenal… 

Balazs helped me see the leader & business, I am building with more clarity, as I was stuck for a long time now at 3A & I know I’m going all the way to the top with the help of Balazs & the diamond life accelerator, I’m so grateful for saying yes to the diamond life everything is much more brighter over here 💎 Thank you.

caitlyn kuskowski

Balazs’ and The Accelerator program has truly given me tools and insight on how to think bigger picture on my business… I have took massive steps into attracting my dream clients with grace and ease all thanks to Balazs’ advice and mentorship. 

You know you’re doing something right when you ask your fiancé a question and he responds “well, what would Balazs’ do?’ Caitlyn had the best month in her business in August all while being in the first month of motherhood, she is truly feeling momentum in her business and her life! 

Thanks Balazs’ and The Accelerator mentorship!

Annie Davis

Since joining the Diamond Life Blueprint two weeks ago and attending my first call with Balazs W Kardos last Thursday I find myself questioning everything that I have been doing in “routine and rhythm” up until now with my business. I’m now reading or listening to a training video first thing when I rise before my workout instead of checking the ‘gram. 

And I’ve implemented the communication with my team that Balazs suggested on our weekly call yesterday and it was well received! Stepping into new levels of leadership and today I’ve made 3 new connections with leaders I am calling in to my business. Thank you!

Jenn Mazzamurro

Balazs’ mentorship haș been absolutely upleveling for my personal development and inside my Enagic business. When I affiliated I truly thought this business was going to be a breeze – but wrong! I quickly realized I needed help. Balazs has been through it all here, I always appreciated listening to his FB lives and all the ah-ha moments. When I found out he offered mentorship there was no time wasted – I NEEDED to be closer to that fire if I wanted real shifts to happen so I could resign from corporate. 

On my 1st mentorship call I was brought to tears (in a good way!) from the reflection of what I had to do to move forward. It was literally the most simple mindset shift too, I instantly shifted what Balazs mentioned, and days later a sale came through, and they continued coming. 

When I felt at a super low crossroad a few months later (bc #entrepreneurshipaintalwayseasy lol), Balazs coached me through it and with his simple response, it changed everything! Instant alignment, I felt amazingly authentic about the way I was showing up, and people were flocking to me and flooding my DMs. 

If I didn’t join Balazs’ mentorship, maybe these shifts would have happened, maybe? …but when? 3, 5, 8 years down the road? Who has time for that? I’m not here to struggle, I’m in this business to win!

Millie Theusen 

Since joining The Diamond Life have since then ranked up, which is a massive accomplishment for myself and a huge dream of mine. The mentorship included in this program, especially the biweekly live calls with Balazs, has been absolutely pivotal to how I see my business and myself. It’s given me the extra push and dedication I needed and allowed me to see this business in a new light. 

The biweekly calls help amp me up and they have given me much more clarity about how I wish to run my business as well as tools to use on the journey. I’m still learning, still going back over the course and implementing all over again, and I can’t believe the value I’ve received from this mentorship program. 

I am currently doing a complete reboot of my business, seeing it with fresh eyes and changing the way in which I do things based on what I’ve learned so far, and I am excited to see where it’ll take me.